Friday, February 2, 2007

Hitler's Spanish Legion: The Blue Division in Russia by Gerald R. Kleinfeld

One of the better unit histories to come out of WWII from the German side. The authors did a great job describing what the Spaniards had to go through within their own politics and military matters as well as the problems the Germans created or tried to solve for them. These men proved their worth in the field time and time again. Some of the stories simply defy imagination and I've always known that the reality of the Second World War on the Eastern Front can never be fully captured in fictional prose, and when you're done reading this book you will see why. Countless engagements, offensive and defensive actions, last words, last stands, all described and show what kind of fighting was the norm on this front. Although I don't agree with the 'cause' they signed up to fight for I cannot deny that did an amazing job at the front and deserve high praises and respect as fighting men on the Eastern Front.

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