Friday, February 2, 2007

The Initial Period of War on the Eastern Front, 22 June - August 1941 by Colonel Glantz

I was very delighted to get and read this book. As already described it shows the operations that the German Army and Red Army undertook when the Wehrmacht invaded the Soviet Union. Many will be surprised to see the amount of actual counter-attacks that the Red Army was able to launch which at times stopped the Germans for days while at other times caused more havoc among the Red Army's own troops rather than that of the Germans. Coordination was poor, combined arms operations were almost never seen on the battlefield as communication problems plagued the entire appartus of the Red Army from divisions all the way up through front headquarters. This book is an essential text and reference to understanding some of the operations undertaken in 1941 and their consequences as well as a great reference for Soviet tank forces and their composition when the war began.

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