Friday, February 2, 2007

Out of the Red Shadows: Anti-Semitism in Stalin's Russia by Gennadi Kostyrchenko

This book is definitely a must have for those interested in the period right after WWII up until Stalin's death and the actions he undertook against Jews in general. Not only going after the anti-fascist committee but also against Jewish journalists, critics, newspaper and journal editors, actors, dancers, directors, etc leading up to the infamous 'doctor's plot.' "Zionism" came about to be the biggest reason as Stalin saw with the creation of Israel a new fifth column developing within the USSR. Most of these Jews were glad Israel was created, and more so that the USSR was one of the first countries to vote for the creation of the little State and recognizing it straight away after it was created. Israel was even supplied with weapons via Czechoslovakia in Eastern Europe. But when Israel began to shift toward the US and Western Europe Stalin's attitude changed toward the Jews. If in fact this was the real reason may never be known, it is my opinion solely. The book goes into detailed descriptions of who was arrested, the reasons for why, and what happened to them starting in the late 40's and moving up to Stalin's death. While many believe that Stalin wanted to transport all the Jews to one place or another there is no real evidence of any preparations in paperwork being done, something very uncommon in the bureaucracy that the USSR was. Overall an interesting story but highly detailed and dry reading at times.

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