Friday, February 2, 2007

Red Army Tank Commanders by Richard N. Armstrong

This book contains in depth biographies of the commanders of the 6 Tank Armies that took part in the war on the Eastern Front within the Red Army. There are few such works in the West that concentrate on specific commanders or generals from the Red Army and this is a great addition to any library on the Eastern Front in the English language. I'll be glad to order other works by this author (whenever he puts them out), and I have spoken to him on a number of occassions (on a history forum online, I've actually 'bumped' into many authors on online forums including David Glantz and Marc Rikmenspoel), so I can vouch that his research within Russian/Soviet sources is credible (many authors have yet to do real research with Russian sources), he has a good command of Russian when it comes to military matters, and his literature is a great improvement to helping the US and the Western World understand what went on within the Red Army and on the Eastern Front during WWII.

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