Monday, February 5, 2007

Scorched Earth: The Russian-German War 1943-1944 by Paul Carell

The books is well written, one of the works that i like on the eastern front more than many others which i have been able to read. The only problem with this book was that the German Soldier was the best in everything and better trained than any Soviet units.

What gets me the most is that some of the Soviet soldiers heroic actions are listed, one of the more famous, Alexander Matrosov, who was in the 254th Guards Regiment, gave his life to save his comrades at the battle of Veliki Luki. But he only looks towards the German side,the Germans were the ones that suffered the cold, the mud, and the attacking waves of the Soviet infantry which they beat off every time. but never is the Soviet soldier said to have suffered in the cold or the mud or the German counter attacks that failed for too many places to list.

Again overall the account is an interesting one. But there will be many accounts coming out of Russia soon enough with their own stories of what happened on the Eastern Front.

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