Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Afghan Tales: Stories from Russia's Vietnam by Oleg Ermakov

A few of the stories within the pages of this book might be of interest if you're looking for examples of combat in the hills and villages of Afghanistan, but keep in mind that they will be very few. This is a small book and most of the stories have to do with the soldiers themselves; thus, if you have an interest in a soldier's imagination, thoughts, dreams, and what he thinks about during the war, their conversations with each other, rather than the raids/battles they might become engaged in, you'll find something of interest here. Otherwise, I'd say give this one a pass. This won't be a book I keep around nor is it something one can readily cite as a source.


ОЕ said...

Вы считаете мои рассказы сказками?
Олег Ермаков

T. Kunikov said...

нет, на английском 'stories' не только обозначает сказки а также рассказы.

Nea said...

Сказки это Fairy Tales.
Мне книга досталась случайно и на английском, я ее еще не дочитала. Производит угнетающее впечатление, что солдаты друг друга избивают, вместо обозначенного врага! Мое поколение... Сколько их там головы сложили :(