Friday, February 2, 2007

The Liberty Incident by A. Jay Cristol

I had heard from time to time mention of the 'liberty incident' and never really knew what happened until I purchased this book. Those who want to live in their own fantasy world and believe that it was some type of conspiracy can go ahead, but this book will most definitely put cracks in all their stories, ideas, and theories.

The actions of the ship are laid out, the actions of the Israeli pilots are plotted and presented as the fact that the liberty opened fire first on the three Israeli torpedo boats that went out to try and identify the ship only after which did they fire their torpedo's. Suffice it to say this has to be the most definitive account of the incident covering all the angels to the minutest detail and showing where conspiracy theorists got their ideas from in the first place is a nice addition.

He goes through these 'theories' and rebukes them at every turn explaining why they don't make sense or what evidence is missing or simply put how logic does not dictate what is being presented as 'fact' and 'evidence.' Israel had no need to attack a US ship, Israel admitted their guilt and admitted it was a mistake as soon as they found out what they had done, there is no reason to think this action did anything more than damage, to a degree, the relationship between Israel and the US. Probably one of the better books on the subject no doubt about it, highly recommended.

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